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Designer womens clothing is an investment that will pay off over the long run. Good designers create clothing that will flatter a woman’s body. Timeless style is the epitome of good design. Knowing this,, promotes designers that provide that element in their clothing lines. All that is needed to update a wardrobe of designer womens clothing is a few new accessories. Whether you are looking for a professional business wardrobe or a fashion statement for a night out, they can provide the perfect design.

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Time to write Christmas cards

It is that time of year again. Time to write Christmas cards en masse. Every year it is the same story, I buy the cards and might even remember to buy stamps (if I am very lucky) and then I forget to put pen to paper (well, card). Until… the first texts start dropping in asking for my address and it hits me that it can only mean that someone is busy getting those cards sorted and it also means that I really need to send one to them as well. I know…it is that whole guilt trip thing. Then I forget again…and then the first cards drop into the letterbox…


Topshop new collections has revealed its new collections for Christmas 2010; Snow Queen, New Puritan, Demi Couture and Abigail's Party, all available online and in store. The clothing retailer has also released a behind the scenes video highlighting the individual style of each collection.

Snow Queen is inspired by the textures of the natural world and drifts through the snow-covered landscape in billowing chiffon, toughened up with feathers and fur. Sheer mesh tops and dresses are scattered with crystals, whilst fine silver lace knits are reminiscent of suits of armour. Studs and spikes are replaced with chains and chainmail, whilst fur, feather and fluffy marabou trims decorate tops and dresses. Dresses are long and frothy, or cut short at the front with a dramatic train at the back. The Snow Queen girl makes a dramatic statement in a look straight out of the pages of a fairytale.

Evoking the new minimalism that is taking hold of wardrobes, the New Puritan collection draws inspiration from a medieval, puritanical era. The spray-on body con, studs and spikes of previous trends are replaced, with a focus on a new clean, straight-cut silhouette and a mood of softened austerity. Razor sharp tailoring is key and includes tuxedo suits, waistcoats and lean cigarette pants. Capes are also important, and have an almost Vatican-inspired appeal. Alongside tailoring, evening shifts and tunics also feature in leather and velvet. The New Puritan girl makes a statement of simplicity.